Saira Mendoza

Saira Mendoza

Patient Liaison

Saira Mendoza was born and raised in the Central Valley; an area known for its rich agricultural heritage. She is an administrative assistant at Integrated Ocular Prosthetics who manages and coordinates referrals and is always up to date on patient information. Saira ensures that patients receive the best possible care tailored to their specific needs. Her bilingual abilities enhance her communication skills and make her an invaluable asset at Integrated Ocular Prosthetics.

Saira is a dedicated individual who was an active member of the Future Farmers of America (FFA). She demonstrated her commitment and skills by competing in several competitions, notably in public speaking events that included job interviews. Her exceptional performance and dedication led to her receiving the coveted American Degree, a prestigious recognition that is challenging to achieve. The skills she honed during her time with the FFA, especially her public speaking abilities, proved invaluable in her role at Integrated Ocular Prosthetics. Her ability to communicate effectively and persuasively greatly contributed to her success in her work, demonstrating the practical application of the skills is used at Integrated Ocular Prosthetics.

In her free time, Saira enjoys creating content and coupons for home essentials with her mother. This creative outlet not only allows her to express herself but also strengthens the bond she shares with her mother. Saira’s journey serves as an inspiration for many young individuals asp

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