Michelle Alcorta Admin / Nurse - Integrated Ocular Prosthetics

Michelle Alcorta

RN BSN/Part-Time Admin

Michelle Alcorta, RN BSN, works as a surgical nurse at Clovis Community Hospital as well as Fresno’s Regional Hand Center. She specializes in preparing patients for surgery, ensures proper flow in the operating room and recovers patients from PACU.

Michelle is lovingly called “Bubbles” and “Sunshine” by her coworkers due to her positive, loving, light-hearted attitude which alleviates any fear patients have prior to and after surgery. She spends her time balancing work and her beautiful daughter, Quinn. She is blessed to have a supportive husband who gives her the opportunity to pursue her love and passion for nursing.

Michelle and her bright personality help patients at Integrated Ocular Prosthetics feel at ease and informed at their appointments.

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