Custom Scleral Shells

What is a Scleral Shell?

A scleral shell prosthesis is a thin prosthetic eye designed to be worn over a discolored and/or disfigured eye. The prosthesis covers the entire surface of the cosmetically blemished eye, restoring its natural appearance.

No Surgery Necessary

There is no surgery involved to obtain a scleral cover shell, just a few appointments at our office should be enough for our board-certified ocularist to create the most comfortable, cosmetically matching, and naturally moving scleral shell for your needs.

Fitting Your Scleral Shell Prosthesis

To fit a scleral shell prosthesis, the custom impression molding process is utilized to create an anatomically correct and comfortable prosthetic shell. Most scleral shells retain excellent movement and display a wonderful life-like appearance. 

Caring for You and Your Scleral Cover Shell

Our board certified ocularist is trained to manage each patient’s unique condition, enabling the patient to maximize their scleral shell wearing time.

Patients are monitored on an individual basis with a customized wearing schedule to adjust to their new prosthesis, as well as a specialized treatment plan designed for the future health of each patient. This includes personal training on how to insert and remove the scleral shell, as well as daily care and maintenance.

Most patients are able to wear their prosthesis continually, even through the night while asleep.

Same-Day Service

Most patients will require at least three appointments within the same day to complete the scleral cover shell fitting and fabrication process.

We believe the best result is achieved when the patient is able to leave our office wearing their new artificial eye the same day as their initial fitting. This also helps ensure proper protection for the patient’s socket and helping to restore a sense of normalcy and self-confidence by having the appearance of two natural eyes. Follow-up appointments are scheduled two to three months following the initial fitting appointment to address any physical changes within the orbit and any concerns the patient may be experiencing due to the changes in the anophthalmic/eviscerated socket as the socket continues to heal after surgery or revision.

Our dedication to a “medical team approach” among our board certified ocularist, your referring physician and medical staff ensures that you will receive the highest quality of care, each and every time.

Same-Day Appointments

With same-day appointments and service, you can look and feel like yourself again in one day.

Custom-Made for Your Eyes

Custom iris buttons, artistic hand painting and the use of digitally printed irises ensure quality craftsmanship of your ocular prosthesis.

Board-Certified Ocularist

Our team is led by Board-Certified Ocularist Antonio L. Alcorta, a third-generation prosthetic eye and scleral shell specialist.

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