Ocular Prosthetics for Children with Retinoblastoma

According to the National Eye Institute:

Retinoblastoma is a rare type of eye cancer that usually develops in early childhood, typically before the age of 5. This form of cancer develops in the retina, which is the specialized light-sensitive tissue at the back of the eye that detects light and color.

Enucleation surgery is often the recommended treatment for children diagnosed with retinoblastoma, in order to minimize any further risk to your child’s health. In order to eliminate and prevent the further spread of cancerous cells, the affected globe is removed, and the socket volume is replaced with an orbital implant.

Restoring Your Child’s Appearance

The orbital implant is an important decision made by the surgeon for maintaining normal facial growth, promoting normal function of the eyelids and enhancing the most natural movement possible of the pediatric ocular prosthesis.

It is important to focus on the preventative nature of retinoblastoma and the positive outcome achieved with prosthetic eye restoration.

Antonio L. Alcorta I, BCO BADO, has almost two decades experience with prosthetic eye care for survivors of retinoblastoma. At Integrated Ocular Prosthetics, Inc., our specialized treatment plans are developed for each patient on an individual basis.

A Personal, Full-Team Approach

At Integrated Ocular Prosthetics, our specialized treatment plans are developed for each patient on an individual basis.

Our dedication to a complete “medical team approach” among our board-certified ocularist, your referring physician and medical staff ensures that our pediatric patients receive the highest quality of care for their specific situation, each and every time.

Same-Day Appointments

With same-day appointments and service, you can look and feel like yourself again in one day.

Custom-Made for Your Eyes

Custom iris buttons, artistic hand painting and the use of digitally printed irises ensure quality craftsmanship of your ocular prosthesis.

Board-Certified Ocularist

Our team is led by Board-Certified Ocularist Antonio L. Alcorta, a third-generation prosthetic eye and scleral shell specialist.

Help Your Child Feel and Look Like Themselves Again

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