Maintenance and Modifications

Regular Care is Critical

Maintenance of your artificial eye is of the utmost importance. Cleaning your artificial eye will help keep you comfortable, reduce levels of secretions, help in preventing conjunctivitis, as well as extend the overall life of your artificial eye.

Maintenance Appointments

Ocularist Antonio L. Alcorta I, BCO BADO, recommends scheduling routine cleaning/polishing appointments for your ocular prosthesis every four to six months.

At these appointments, your prosthesis will be cleaned, sterilized and any build-up of dried secretions or mucous created in the socket can be removed. Your ocularist will also be able to assess socket health and ensure that a proper fit is being maintained throughout the socket tissues.

Modifications to Your Prosthetic Eye

Following the fitting of your artificial eye, modifications can be made to the prosthesis or scleral shell for up to the first 18 months of wearing the eye (individual cases may vary). The most commonly performed modifications are enlarging or adjusting (reducing) the size of the prosthesis to maintain a proper fit.

Even established artificial eye wearers will need modifications as their bodies continue to grow and/or change over time.

Same-Day Appointments

With same-day appointments and service, you can look and feel like yourself again in one day.

Custom-Made for Your Eyes

Custom iris buttons, artistic hand painting and the use of digitally printed irises ensure quality craftsmanship of your ocular prosthesis.

Board-Certified Ocularist

Our team is led by Board-Certified Ocularist Antonio L. Alcorta, a third-generation prosthetic eye and scleral shell specialist.

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