Information for New Patients

What to Know Before Your First Ocular Prosthetics Visit

Your First Visit

Barring any unusual circumstances, your custom ocular prosthesis will be fitted for you over the course of one day. Your appointment will be broken down into three “mini” appointments throughout the course of the day, each one lasting roughly one hour.

At the first appointment, an impression will be taken of your socket to ensure the best custom fit is provided as well as to ensure proper socket support.

Your second return visit that day will involve matching the color of your natural eye as well as veining during the painting process.

Your final visit of the day will involve making any necessary adjustments or modifications to the ocular prosthesis to ensure the best fit is achieved as well as ensuring the prosthesis is comfortable and easy to wear.

Antonio L. Alcorta I, Ocularist, BCO BADO (left), and Operations Manager Grant Barrett (right).

Continued Care and Support

After your initial fitting day, you will be scheduled for a three-month follow-up appointment at which point any issues you may be having due to socket change or healing from surgery may be addressed. The fit of the prosthesis can be altered to ensure continued promotion of socket health and support at this time.

Cleaning of the ocular prosthesis is recommended every four to six months to ensure any mucous discharge or calcium build up can properly be removed. At these appointments, we will also assess the condition of your socket and make any necessary modifications to the prosthesis to make sure optimal comfort, orbital support and aesthetics are maintained.

Insurance Coverage

Most prosthetic eye services are covered by insurance. Integrated Ocular Prosthetics works with all insurances, as well as Medicare and Medi-Cal.

Anthem BlueCross of California authorized Ocularist. Integrated Ocular Prosthetics the only ocularist in California contracted with Anthem BlueCross.

Worker’s Compensation cases are also eligible for insurance covered services at Integrated Ocular Prosthetics, Inc. Our staff will handle all insurance billing services.

Patients and their families are encouraged to seek our assistance with any insurance issue, no matter who the insurance provider or medical group is. Our staff is happy to determine insurance coverage and benefits for all patients.

Medicare Supplier Standards for Medicare Eligible Patients
We proudly comply with all Durable Medical Equipment, Prosthetics, Orthotics, and Supplies (DMEPOS) standards. A list of these standards and qualifications can be downloaded here:

New Patient Forms

In order to save time at your appointment, please download and fill out our New Patient Registration Form, and bring it with you to your appointment.

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